Comedian Jason Cheny at Laughs Comedy Club in Seattle

Comedian Jason Cheny


December 15 - 07:30 pm


December 16 - 11:00 pm

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Laughs Comedy Club


Laughs Comedy Club

5220 Roosevelt Way Northeast, Seattle, WA 98105

Seattle, WA, US, 98105

Comedian Jason Cheny

Jason Cheny was born and raised in Taiwan, and re-raised in America with a cross-cultural perspective, and a goofy personality. Jason points out social absurdities within his family, upbringing, and the society he constantly tries to find his belonging in. Expressing his frustration and confusion on stage every night, in a way that feels the most truthful to him in that moment. He’s appeared on ‘Laughs’ on Fox and Hulu, Kevin Hart’s LOL Network on SiriusXM. ‘Laff Tracks’ on TruTV, and recently his videos on TikTok and IG received over 40million views! Come see Jason say what’s in his heart!!