Comedian Jordan Jensen at Laughs Comedy Club in Seattle

Comedian Jordan Jensen


April 7 - 07:30 pm


April 8 - 11:00 pm

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Laughs Comedy Club


Laughs Comedy Club

5220 Roosevelt Way Northeast, Seattle, WA 98105

Seattle, WA, US, 98105

Comedian Jordan Jensen

Jordan Jensen started comedy in upstate NY before moving to Nashville TN, where shespent a year working for clubs and taking her comedy on the road in her pickup truck. In2021, Jordan was named the first female comic to win “NY’s Funniest Stand Up” at theNY Comedy Festival. She now lives in Brooklyn NY and has since been featured onSiriusXM, as a “New Face” at the prestigious Just For Laughs comedy festival and isnow a regular at the renowned Comedy Cellar. Her comedy consists of tales of herbizarre upbringing, highly unconventional family, and filterless confessions of her time on this filthy planet.